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How Many Horses Can You Find In This Beautiful Painting?

Jim Warren has a painting that involves horses. The title is seven horses, but I highly doubt you will find all seven horses. It’s really difficult!

Jim painted a beautiful scene. A horse gallops down the beach. The waves are crashing into the shores, and there’s a vibrant sunset in the backdrop.

But there’s only 1 real horse in the picture. Where are the others? Four out of seven are easier to find.

The next three are very challenging and the fifth horse is more an outline of a horse. It’s in the top right of the picture. Do you see it?

The sixth one is even more difficult and very hard to see. You can find it easily if you flip the picture upside down…

The very last one is a brain teaser. It’s the hardest one to find. That’s because the horse isn’t even in the frame anymore… it already left!

The seventh horse left a few footprints. How many horses did you find on the first try?

In this exercise, find the correct shadow for the horse.


This exercise is great for Pre-K and Kindergarten aged groups.

Try it out for yourself, this worksheet is fun for adults too.

Suggested use: Once your child identifies the correct shadow, ask them to explain the reasons why the rest of the shadows are incorrect.

This will enocurage a discussion and help your child develop reasoning skills.

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