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Johnnie’s Teacher Asks Class.

Little Johnnie’s teacher asks the class, ”If they saw anything interesting on the way to school.”

Little Susie said she saw a fluffy dog.

Little Billy said he saw a train.

Little Johnny said he saw a “flat” dog.

“Oh,” said the teacher.

“That’s terrible! Was he run over?”

“No,” said little Johnny.

“Well, how do you know he was flat?”

Replied little Johnny, “Well, he must have been! There was another dog PUMPING him up.”


Johnny Brought Home His History Test.

Little Johnny brought home his history test result, it was 90.

His father was so happy about it.

However, his mother Karen just couldn’t believe that her son got 90 in history.

After taking a closer look at the marks, she noticed that the handwriting styles of the 9 and the 0 are different.

“Johnny, you’re so busted. Tell me, did you add the 0 to your marks?”

“No, Mom, I didn’t.”

“I am asking you once more. Did you add that fxxking 0 to your marks?”

“Mom, no, I didn’t add that 0”.

”OK, as you’re not telling the truth, you are grounded for 1 month.”

“Mum, no, please, no, I really didn’t add that 0.”

”This is your last chance kid, tell me the truth.”

“……. I just added the 9 to it.”


Hope this joke will make you smile! Have a nice day!!

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