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This math problem for children has many grown-ups confused

This math problem looks like any regular puzzle, but you’ll soon realize it is anything but ordinary.

Here is the problem creating so much fuss online because it has 2 answer . Can you solve it?

Which is the right answer?








Here is the solution:

Since 2 + 2 is inside parentheses – it becomes 4. That part is easy. But what does the rest of the equation result on?

Will it be 8 ÷ (2 × 4) = 1, or (8 ÷ 2) x 4 = 16? It can be interpreted in two different ways – and with the little information we have, it is impossible to determine which way is the only correct one

Can you use PEMDAS to solve this math problem?

If mathematics isn’t your strong suit, this equation that went viral in Japan may just trip you up. A study found that only 60 percent of individuals in their 20s could get the right answer. This is significantly lower than the 90 percent success rate in the 1980s.

which is the right answer?

hint: It’s a little challenging, right? For most people, it’s been a while since they had to complete a complicated math equation without the aid of a calculator. And even if you did use a calculator, it would most likely give you the wrong answer.

This is because a calculator would consider the 1 / 3 as 1 ÷ 3, instead of the fraction 1/3. This means the calculator will compute the equation as 3 / 1 / 3, and give the final result of 9.

To solve it correctly, you need to ensure the 1 / 3 stays grouped. Therefore, you should insert it into the calculator with brackets: 9 – 3 ÷ (1/3) + 1.







To solve this viral problem, you need to consider the order of operations. A simple way to remember this is to use the PEMDAS or BEDMAS acronyms:

9 – 3 ÷ (1/3) + 1 = 1


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